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My name is Laksiya, and I am a Robotic Product Developer and writer. This is my little corner on the web.

As a Robotic Product Developer at Adigo Mechatronics and a holder of an MSc in Cybernetics and Robotics, I have been drawn innovative technology since I first coded a pink calculator as 12-year old. Combined with knack for project management, I have pursued my passion of understanding my client’s complex problems and help them by finding and implementing elegant tech solutions.

My mission with this blog is to demystify the complexities of AI, computer vision, embedded software, and robotics through engaging, hands-on tutorials to get you started.

Here, you’ll find insights and practical advice to transform your conceptual challenges into real-world solutions. This is how we turn groundbreaking ideas into tangible results.

The Journey of a Roboticist

Why I became an Robotic Engineer, and how I developed this interest.

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